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From the first stop to the end of the line,

Shipping a bus with ShipLux is the way to go!

Bus. Shuttle. Motorcoach. Trolley. People movers are everywhere, shuttling every segment of the population. City buses, church buses, school buses, shuttle buses, prison buses, tour buses, minibuses, and double deckers all serve one purpose: they haul people from place to place in economical style.

But when the bus is what needs hauling, the necessary details of the transport can start to add up, leaving a confusing mess of routes, permits, and methods.

Trust the logistics experts at ShipLux to help you untangle the situation. ShipLux is the leader in vehicle transport, and our bus shipping service has you covered. Our experience includes priceless luxury antique autos, heavy-duty industrial mining equipment, and everything in between. When you need to ship a bus, ShipLux has the solution.

The Challenges of Shipping a Bus

Buses of all descriptions are the go-to choice for moving groups of people, but transporting a bus can be complicated. Exceptionally long, tall, wide, and weighty, buses are oversize loads needing special attention during transport. Most buses utilize a long and low design to enhance maneuverability and capacity. Unfortunately, this often leaves the undercarriage susceptible to damage during loading and unloading.

While minibuses and smaller charter buses may fit comfortably on a standard trailer, shipping a bus generally means specialized equipment. Articulated buses exist because bus lengths can be challenging to maneuver along narrow city streets. Already impressive, the length of a bus can become a bigger concern once loaded onto a trailer! Taller buses, such as tour buses and double deckers, may already be pushing against height restrictions for many domestic roads, and adding the height of the trailer bed can make planning an overland route problematic.

Domestic roads, particularly in residential areas, can limit cargo width availability, often requiring additional permits or escort vehicles. Weight restrictions affect the choice of the trailer for bus shipping and the appropriate routes.

Save yourself the headache and trust the logistics experts at ShipLux to provide you with a door-to-door bus shipping service that covers all the details.

ShipLux Ships Any Type of Bus

Buses range from small utilitarian transports to sprawling mansion-on-wheels trailers suitable for the biggest stars in Hollywood. Every bus transport presents a unique shipping challenge that can feel as big as a bus! Finding the proper bus shipping service can be a weighty task. The right company must be licensed, bonded, and insured. They must have extensive experience shipping a bus.

They have to have the right people and equipment for the job, and they should help with the details like planning the route and preparing the necessary paperwork.

Shipping a bus presents challenges. Fortunately, ShipLux provides the right solutions. ShipLux goes the extra mile for you. Your dedicated logistics agent is available around the clock and will be there with you at every stop. Door-to-door or port-to-port, domestically and internationally, Premium Service is always included. You can rest easy – luxury is in our name!

ShipLux offers White Glove Treatment for your investment, ensuring that you, and your bus, receive the best care from the first phone call to the end of the line.


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Full-Service Shipping
Your commercial bus shipping solution is completely personalized, and Premium Service is always included from start to finish. Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen.
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We’re here for you. Thanks to our proprietary communication system, you can contact one of our team members at any time, on whatever medium you prefer.
Global Door-to-Door
Shipping from anywhere to anywhere within the continental United States, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, US Virgin Islands, as well as numerous international destinations.
Price Transparency
When you get a price quote for your commercial bus transport, that’s price you’ll pay. We don’t believe in surprise surcharges or hidden fees. Honest pricing – that’s the United Logistics Inc. promise.
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When you get a price quote for your vehicle transport, that’s price you’ll pay. We don’t believe in surprise surcharges or hidden fees. Honest pricing – that’s the United Logistics Inc. promise.

Contact us today about shipping your bus, and one of our logistics specialists will reply with a transparent price quote. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity – so the price we give you will be the real price, the price you’ll pay, PERIOD!

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