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Container shipping with United Logistics Inc. always includes Premium Service from start to finish and a dedicated logistics expert to answer all of your questions along the way.

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United Logistics Inc. provides risk-free, secure, and hassle-free freight container shipping, regardless of your needs being business-related, private, or residential.

Transporting a shipping container with United Logistics Inc. is the worry-free way to get everything where it needs to go, whether it be a car, freight, or cargo from abroad.

Modern transportation is built on the use of freight containers. They are the cornerstone of contemporary commercial cargo transportation and are also known as cargo containers, shipping containers, sea containers, and c-containers.

In their simplest form, freight containers are substantial metal boxes with a capacity of tens of thousands of pounds. Standardization of shipping container dimensions, capacities, and features facilitates more efficient transport procedures. While still packaged inside the shipping container, goods can be transported, stored, and handled with the least amount of delay and risk of loss at the lowest possible container shipping prices. Because shipping containers may be stacked, cargo ships can carry enormous amounts of cargo on a single journey, thus lowering container shipping costs.

More than just the overseas delivery of goods for huge organizations are included in container shipping. Even small businesses rely on container transportation. The core of covered vehicle transportation with United Logistics Inc. is container shipping.

More than simply vehicles are covered by the United Logistics Inc. hassle-free guarantee, White Glove Treatment, and Premium Service. For a customized and transparent container shipping rate quote, get in touch with United Logistics Inc.'s logistics professionals today!

Freight Container Transportation Types

The Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) measure, which is used in intermodal freight transit, dictates that shipping containers come in two standard sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet. Any freight transported by many modes of transportation is considered intermodal freight. When carrying a shipping container, intermodal freight transport refers to the capacity to move cargo across shipping modalities without unpacking. Faster loading and unloading in ports and simple ground transportation by truck and train are made possible by intermodality.

Container shipping delivers cost savings because less manpower is required to transport the shipment to its destination. More flexibility is provided by shipping freight in containers.

Freight shipping is divided into two categories: Full Container Load (FCL) and Partial Container Load (PCL). PCL shipping, commonly dubbed Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight shipping, operates by strategically consolidating client shipments into a single container to facilitate delivery while minimizing shipping costs. Small enterprises and individuals can now more easily export containers internationally as a result.

Count on the professionals at United Logistics Inc. assist you in finding the ideal shipping solution. Premium Service is always included, and there are never any unexpected costs.

Freight Containers: We Ship, You Pack

Transport using shipping containers gives a practical answer to many transportation problems. Trust the logistics professionals at United Logistics Inc. to handle everything from treadmills to tools to an entire house's worth of furniture.

 United Logistics Inc.can transport your goods from door to door and all over the world. Whatever you require, our network of transportation professionals will make it happen. Also, you can reach a dedicated agent at any time using our exclusive 24/365 communication system, keeping you up to date all the time and wherever in the globe. Worry is never a part of the process with United Logistics Inc.. Our dedication to service is obvious in all we do, regardless of your needs being business or domestic, full container or half.

Our basic beliefs are integrity and honesty, and we provide Premium Service.



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Full-Service Shipping
Your commercial bus shipping solution is completely personalized, and Premium Service is always included from start to finish. Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen.
24/365 Communication
We’re here for you. Thanks to our proprietary communication system, you can contact one of our team members at any time, on whatever medium you prefer.
Global Door-to-Door
Shipping from anywhere to anywhere within the continental United States, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, US Virgin Islands, as well as numerous international destinations.
Price Transparency
When you get a price quote for your commercial bus transport, that’s price you’ll pay. We don’t believe in surprise surcharges or hidden fees. Honest pricing – that’s the United Logistics Inc. promise.
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When you get a price quote for your vehicle transport, that’s price you’ll pay. We don’t believe in surprise surcharges or hidden fees. Honest pricing – that’s the United Logistics Inc. promise.

Contact us today about shipping your bus, and one of our logistics specialists will reply with a transparent price quote. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity – so the price we give you will be the real price, the price you’ll pay, PERIOD!

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